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About Steven Sinatra

I enjoy learning new things, and I am doing it constantly. Me and my father own World Pawn Exchange. I really enjoy seeing unique and unusual items come in the store. In addition to the pawn shop, I also run the internet marketing company, Wyser Marketing. I spend all of my free time with my wife and two daughters.

Why You Should Invest in Physical Precious Silver Metal (Coins, Bullion and Bars)

There are a million ways you could invest your money. There are intangible investments like stocks, bonds, IRA, 401k, etc. But with those options what do you actually own? You own something in theory. If there was an EMP that wiped out all of that data, you would have nothing. There are also a million physical "investments." You could invest in Pokemon cards, you probably shouldn't, but you could. Silver is universally accepted as a precious metal, and the [...]

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The Top 10 Must Have Guns Everyone Should Own!

Rifles, Pistols, and Shotguns I would like to introduce to you, ten excellent firearms. They all have been around for decades, and have proven themselves worthy to own. You should consider having a couple of these in your own collection. We have bolt action, semi-automatic, pump action, and lever action types. Below every title, there is a link to a video where you can see the gun in action. What guns we sell. 1. 1911 See it in [...]

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Top 8 Best Reasons to Buy Used Jewelry from A Pawn Shop

Used Jewelry Is a Much Better Deal Retail jewelry stores are dime a dozen these days. They entice you with advertisements with sparkly diamonds and shop windows peppered with gems of all colors, it can be hard to resist the lure of a brand new piece of jewelry. In fact, the idea of buying used jewelry is often overlooked in today’s society. It is much more alluring to buy used once you consider the facts. Some people only want to buy [...]

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How to Use a Pawn Shop – Pawnbroker’s Guide to Saving Money

Do you like to save money? I do. I am an expert, and I have some tips for you. There are several ways that you can use a pawn shop. You can get a loan on something you own that has value. You can buy things at great prices. I'll teach you about it!

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The 4 Best Ways to See if Your Gold is Real: A Guide

Visual Surface Inspection The first thing I do when a piece of jewelry comes in is, I look at it. You didn't expect that, did you? Right off the bat, you can eliminate most of the jewelry out there. If you see bubbling on the metal, or copper/brass wearing through, that would be signs of plating. If it seems normal, I look for a stamp that tells me what kind of metal it might be. A loupe is handy [...]

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We Have The Best Selection of Jewelry in Coos Bay / North Bend!

You have never seen a pawn shop like ours. We clean, polish, and steam all of the jewelry that we put out for sale. That is why they shine like they do! We have over 300 gold rings in our display case. Not to mention our silver rings! We also have gold and silver necklaces and bracelets.   How do we do it? We start by inspecting the piece. We look it over to determine if it is damaged or [...]

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What Happens When We Buy Your Gold – From The Top!

  So, you see one of our ads that we buy gold, or perhaps it was our street sign? Perhaps a recommendation from a friend. You bring in your jewelry, coins, or scrap, and we inspect it. The first thing I usually do it the magnet test. THE MAGNET TEST Gold isn't magnetic. The materials they mix with gold also are not. The most common alloys generally contain two or three of the following metals. Copper, zinc, silver, and nickel. [...]

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Traditional Finnish Puukko Lapland Knife – a Collectors Item

This thing is sweet, there is a ton of info online about them. This one was made near 100 years ago, it was hand made and engraved. The sheath is leather and bone. It is a beautiful example of a Finnish Lapland Puukko knife. This knife is an all-purpose utility knife used by the Sammi people. This one of course is just for a collector, it's extremely detailed and beautiful. If I had to guess, I would say there are over 100 [...]

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Rolex GMT Master – 1979 – a Look Into GMTs – Vintage and Modern

I love when a Rolex comes in. This came in a couple weeks ago (and I wore it around for a few days.) It is a 1979 GMT Master with date. It is a two tone model, which is stainless steel and 18k gold. They're pricey but beautiful, and in general, a good investment when bought at market value (they tend to go up in value.) This was a transitional model, they tweak certain parts of the watch as [...]

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