We Sell Guitars!

We have a lot of guitars for sale! In our store we have about 30 guitars for sale on any given day. We have another 30 downstairs that are back stock. We don’t have enough room to display them all!

The nicer guitars we are listing on Reverb, you will see the listings below. If you are wondering if you get a discount for buying in the store, the answer is yes! Minus 5% of the price, then also minus $40 off that.

We generally have acoustic guitars, bass guitars, and electric guitars. Sometimes we will get acoustic bass guitars, and acoustic electric guitars.

We Sell Music Equipment!

If you are looking for music equipment for a good price, we have a ton! We have a lot of rack mount stuff in the basement, and a lot of stomp pedals and guitar amps out for sale. We also have microphones, cymbals, guitar cords, and guitar strings for sale.

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