We Buy Gold!

We buy gold every day. We have over 25 years combined experience between our staff members, in testing and authenticating gold jewelry, coins, and scrap gold. We have all of the equipment to evaluate and make an offer on your jewelry. We pay top prices around for jewelry as well as scrap gold. We also pay top dollar for your diamonds! We are part of a national group of jewelers in the US that work together to serve our customers better.

We Sell Gold!

We have gold jewelry for sale too! We have the best selection for hours in any direction. You will be surprised, I guarantee it. We have diamond rings, gemstone rings, vintage, retro, and antique rings. We also have diamond bracelets, earrings, and necklaces. We also carry some brand new diamond engagement rings! And yes, they are half or less than what they would be at the jewelry store.

We Loan on Gold!

We are happy to loan on your gold as well. How does a loan work? This way you can keep your gold and get some cash when you need it. All of your loans, jewelry or not, are safe. We are insured, secured, and monitored. Getting a loan on your gold is the easiest and fastest way to get a loan. Most other items you can get a loan on go down in value over time. This forces us to re-lookup the item from time to time. With a gold ring, it will always be worth its weight in gold, literally.