There are a million ways you could invest your money. There are intangible investments like stocks, bonds, IRA, 401k, etc. But with those options what do you actually own? You own something in theory. If there was an EMP that wiped out all of that data, you would have nothing.

There are also a million physical “investments.” You could invest in Pokemon cards, you probably shouldn’t, but you could. Silver is universally accepted as a precious metal, and the price is slowly climbing over the years.

Why Choose Silver?silver coin bullion

It’s Physical

It’s not going to disappear. (Well, hopefully not) It has it’s ups and downs, but it will always have value. You can keep a round in your pocket. You can use a round to prop up your table leg if it’s wobbly. You can melt it and make a ring if that was your wish.

It’s Shiny

It’s pretty to look at, stocks and bonds are not pretty. There are a lot of really cool silver rounds out there. One of my favorite is a milled 20mm cannon bullet that’s 25 troy ounces. There are tons of funny designs, like a basketball, pirate ship, it’s just unlimited really.

What if the economy tanks?

Silver is used in several industries. Robotics, computers, aerospace, infrastructure, science, jewelry, hydro-filtration, electronics, and many more have built in some degree a constant need for it.

Also, when precious metal drops, that’s the best time to buy. Just like the real estate crash in 2008, many people made a killing.

How does investing in silver compare to investing in gold?

Silver actually surpasses gold when they are heading up. It goes up, and also down faster than gold. Between the years of 2008 to 2011, silver went up 448% more in an investment while gold shot up just shy of 166%. Both have their uses, however, silver is 1/79th of the price. With silver you own more for less, and you can get much better returns than with gold. Again, it depends when you buy, and when you sell.

silver bullion 25 ounces

Where should I buy silver from?

From us, of course! At World Pawn Exchange, we have a great selection of silver in all forms. We have bars, coins, rounds, and even some scrap silver if you need it. Our prices are competitive, and we can give a good rate when you’re looking to buy in large quantities.

What kind of silver should I buy?

There are a few options:

  • Silver Round: Usually cast in 1 troy ounce or a fraction thereof. They gave stamped designs of various sorts and the sometimes date of which is was minted. You get something that looks good, and is usually the lowest cost way to buy one at a time.
  • Silver Bar: A wide variety of weight usually starting at 1 troy ounce (can be lesser even) and reach weights up to 1000 troy ounces. 5, 10, 100 troy ounces are easily found as well. Stamped with the purity of each bar and usually the manufacturer’s insignia and/or name. We like the 100 oz bars, come by and feel one, they’re heavier than they look.
  • “Junk Silver”: American coins that are 90% silver and don’t have any collector value past the silver content. They usually sell this by the face value. You may see the $1000 face value buckets they sell online. That means there is $1000 of coins in there, but the silver value is much more. There might be 4,000 quarters, or 10,000 dimes. You get the picture.
  • Silver Dollars: Many people (me included) like to collect silver dollars. These are $1 silver coins actually used in currency in America in the past. The most common ones you will see, are the Morgan Dollars and the Peace dollars. There are also some beautiful ones made by the US Mint called Silver Eagles. They aren’t really used for currency, but they are American, and hold a good premium.
  • Fun Silver: This is anything unusual, like that 20mm bullet made of silver. It doesn’t really have a category, and it can be literally anything. I have seen the Death Star cast in silver, a miniature bicycle, a FULL SIZE dog. It can be anything. This is the most fun kind, but the premium is also generally pretty high. Some pieces are double the silver price.

If you look around on eBay, you will notice some rounds selling for 2-3 times the silver price. Some people collect rounds and some are more rare. Silver eagles from the 1980s have more premium than the ones minted this year, that’s justĀ  how it is.

silver eagle front and back

Investing in The Long Game

Nobody really enjoys spending money. Silver is a long term investment. If you are expecting to make a ton fast, well, don’t expect to. If you buy at the right time, sure, you could make a lot of money. But that would be luck. Buying silver is a good way to store away some wealth for the future. If the dollar becomes valueless, at least you have something left that has value.

Start now, it is never too late and you will thank yourself for it.