I love when a Rolex comes in. This came in a couple weeks ago (and I wore it around for a few days.) It is a 1979 GMT Master with date. It is a two tone model, which is stainless steel and 18k gold. They’re pricey but beautiful, and in general, a good investment when bought at market value (they tend to go up in value.)

This was a transitional model, they tweak certain parts of the watch as time goes along. The real professionals can date a watch just by seeing some of these signs. GMT actually stands for Greenwich Mean Time. What is that?  It is basically a “zero hour”  system that allows you to turn the dial to add or subtract hours from your own timezone. For instance, if you’re in Oregon and you do a lot of business in New York, you can set the bezel 3 hours ahead, and the 24 hour hand will point at a time always 3 hours ahead of the regular time on your watch. It’s a great feature for travelers, but not always understood by others.

The great thing about Rolex is that they have a limited production. There is always never enough of the newest model, and that creates value. The newest Rolex GMT Master II is listed on their site for $9250, but good luck! The dealers that have them are selling them at double that. They’re almost impossible to get.

On the opposite end, there are some rare vintage GMT models that are worth a ton! There are some with dials that were improperly treated and they turned a weird brownish color. One with a Pepsi dial (red and blue) just sold for over $40,000.

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